Practical Life – Washing and Cleaning Activity

Practical life activities are important in our home. We have puzzles, arts and crafts, crayons and other apparatus that Joshua uses regularly and have followed his interests but I feel that dedicated practical life activities is an area of Montessori life that I have been neglecting a bit of late, so I decided to address this. Joshua has previously done some sweeping, wiping, self care (brushing hair, brushing teeth, taking clothes off and putting them into laundry hamper, toilet learning) and gardening (watering plants).

I had previously presented a table washing activity and this did not spark Joshua’s interest so I decided to try a dedicated small activity to get the idea of washing things across so this is what I came up with. I searched around the house for materials I already had on hand and came up with some wooden objects, a small brush, a teacup, some soap and a dry cloth. Dip brush into the soapy water and clean objects. Wipe the soap and water away.


Joshua loved it. He even scrubbed the tray. Joshua was also born in the year of the dragon so I loved seeing my little dragon cleaning the little wooden dragon.




Joshua seems to enjoy scrubbing with brushes and implements rather than bare hands. This activity was enjoyable and easy to pack away. I presented this activity from items that I had around the house it was a quick, easy activity. I put wooden items on the tray to clean as it is easy to see the bits that are clean and those that still need to be cleaned.

As with all activities presented that Joshua has shown interest in, this is left on a shelf available for him to go back to when he chooses.


6 thoughts on “Practical Life – Washing and Cleaning Activity

  1. This is one thing that I feel my little one is still too young to do – but maybe that’s just me! This is such a simple thing and probably quite easy to implement – it is very inspiring, thank you!

    • How old is your child? I think they can do it but need an interest in the activity to try. Joshua wouldn’t wipe with a sponge but happy with a brush or wet cloth! Sometimes it’s a matter of playing around with materials to see what works 🙂

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