Activity of the Day – Stamping activity

I noticed recently that Joshua was using a self-inking stamp with vigour when we were out and about. So I decided to set up a stamping activity for Joshua that would be fun but also taking it one step further. I happened to be looking around for arts and crafts materials in a local toy shop and I asked if they had any stamping supplies to which the assistant asked how old Joshua was and I said 20 months. She looked dubious and pointed me toward some stamping sets which she said were suitable for older children however if I wanted to give Joshua a go I could.

So I did. A quick explanation of the process: Inking, stamping, repeat process. These are the results.

062 065 069

075 082

These are rated as ages 4+. Joshua is 21 months old and understood it and loved it. Exercises hand and arm strength, fine motor skills and is well, just plain fun!

Do you think that sometimes the ages listed on some of these activities do our children a disservice? There are quite a few things we have that are graded for older children that Joshua uses. This is why I love Montessori philosophy so much: follow the child (and you can only succeed). He now stamps things at home every few days so this has been left available for him to go back to when he wants to stamp.


2 thoughts on “Activity of the Day – Stamping activity

  1. Definitely! My son has been ‘stamping’ by dabbing items (such as gumnuts/paper rolls/cookie cutters) into paint for months now. That stamping set is lovely!

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