Activity of the Day – Pasting activity

Joshua tried pasting at his Montessori class so I thought I would reproduce it at home with a twist to see if he would be interested in it. For flair I decided to see if he would paste some cupcake cases to a piece of paper. We intend on giving some of these for Christmas presents so it was the perfect time to start our decorative efforts.

We did the activity in a tray so I didn’t worry too much about covering the table to protect it. In any case the glue is very easily washed off as it is water based. Joshua pasted until all the cupcake cases were pasted onto the paste and wanted to do some more so he went to his art supplies area and pasted with some off cuts of different coloured paper. He now knows how paste works.



This is a wonderful activity for children around this age. Pasting, understanding different substances and how they work, and just having some plain old fashioned fun!


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