Me Do It – Cleaning area

I had some cleaning supplies for Joshua that he has access to that I had placed in the cleaning cupboard here at home. I realised after a while that while it was away neatly in the cupboard that Joshua was not really going to it to use the tools as they were out of sight and therefore out of mind.


After consideration, I decided to bring the items out and have them easily accessible near the kitchen area. Joshua regularly takes snacks at the kitchen bench or at his snack table so he drops crumbs on the floor which need to be cleaned up. I have noticed since bringing out these items and making them available that he has been going to them and getting them out and imitating me sweeping so I take this as a positive sign that the rearrangement has been a good move.


We mainly have sweeping items available for use but also an apron and sponge bucket available for cleaning the table and chairs. Joshua is learning how to sweep properly and all the items are for his little hands to use. There are probably a few other items like a mop that I can get but I might get these in the coming months. I have seen some some holders for the handles of tools which might be a good for later on but for now we are happy with this set up. Watch out for updates on this space.

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