Activity of the Day – Sweeping and using dustpan and brush

Our recent reorganisation of Joshua’s cleaning area has had some tangible benefits. Having the tools visible has meant that Joshua is now aware of where they belong and the fact that they serve a functional purpose. We are still working on the correct action of sweeping (using both hands to sweep, you can see in this picture Joshua is trying to use the broom one handed) and dusting up the crumbs into the pan (control over use of the brush and holding the pan to collect it all up which essentially requires both hands to perform a different task) but he is getting the idea.

20131211_171519 20131211_171614 20131211_171642 20131211_172004 20131211_172211

Of course once he is finished sweeping up we put the crumbs into the bin and put the equipment away.

As we have had so much success recently with practical life activities I am looking at revamping the cleaning area and in fact many areas of the kitchen so that Joshua is able to spontaneously clean and work when he chooses to. I will post an update in the new year on our work space changes to support Joshua’s learning.


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