Activity of the Day – Update on Blocks activities

Christmas has seen a major update to Joshua’s block collection. He has been busy since then playing and stretching his imagination a bit further and is loving it.

We updated his unit block collection further. The addition was for 23 new blocks of different shapes which are good connecting and building pieces. An extension of this will be when I look up the names of each of the block shapes so that I can name them correctly. I am still working on this, it has been a very busy time so I have struggled to find the opportunity to devote to preparing the materials and researching where to get these. With holiday time Joshua and his Daddy have had some time to play together which has been really helpful.


We added some new construction blocks to the collection. These are being stored in an open large tray for accessibility. Joshua’s upstairs work area was a bit out of date so we have cycled these into the collection upstairs and he is very happy with the addition. This has inspired my husband and I to participate more and help Joshua with visualisation – which helps with imagination.

20131227_201720 20131225_085959 20131225_091248

The construction blocks have been a valuable addition. These are able to be built into vehicles such as trains, cars and trucks and can roll along and move properly.


Taking this further I would like to be able to also prepare some pictures of architectural constructs for Joshua to look at. It would be good for him to see these and be able to work towards building something or take some of the concepts from it and build his own things. Joshua’s Daddy says this is a great idea! I am looking forward to being able to update further on this as it progresses and how Joshua’s building techniques change.


17 thoughts on “Activity of the Day – Update on Blocks activities

  1. Hi Irene! I’m a new fan of your blog :)) How old Joshua on the pictures with the blocks? I’m wondering how early should I start with the blocks? My son is 10 months old. And where can I find both constructional and unit blocks? Thank you, Anna

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  4. Hi. Are the blocks on your shelves Plan Toys? I looked in their site and amazon but could not find these shapes. Do you have a link? Loved the other ones too. Sold out and we are in the States. I want them so badly. :-(. Great post. Thank you.

  5. The blocks from how we montessori are back in pre-order but shipping to the US is more expensive than the item itself. Wish I could find something similar here. 😦

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