Summer Days

Our little family has been spending a lot of time together and making the most of the fantastic weather before my husband has to go back to work. For us, the festive period and the summer break are a time for being together and recharging our batteries for the year ahead. We are usually extremely busy in the lead up to Christmas time and need time to spend on little projects and to nourish our relationships as my husband goes away frequently in the lead up to this time. This is a quick post on some of our doings in the last few weeks.

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From top:

  1. Enjoying home made banana ice cream.
  2. Riding a trike.
  3. Building Lego Technik earth mover with Daddy.
  4. Playing with matching Lego Duplo earth mover kit – piling up blocks in the back of truck.
  5. Joshua and his Daddy.
  6. Practical Life – Practicing turning screws on a small home project.
  7. Practical Life – Crushing biscuits for lemon slice.
  8. Enjoying a strawberry and mango frozen yoghurt pop.
  9. Piling up blocks in trike trailer.
  10. First go at riding his balance bike, a present from grandparents.
  11. Practical Life – Squeezing orange juice exercise.
  12. Practical Life – Nurturing the veggie patch, and a little tomato has appeared.
  13. Helmet on and starting to push off and ride balance bike properly with some help.

We’ve even managed to fit in some updates to our work spaces which I hope to share shortly. I hope you have all been having a wonderful summer break. The weather here in Melbourne has been wonderful and we have spent lots of time catching up with family and friends during this time.

What activities have you been up to during the summer?


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