Me Do It – Putting on shoes

I have been working with Joshua to encourage him to put his own shoes independently. As with everything, Joshua takes his own time to do things on his own. I sat back a few days ago and observed Joshua taking his shoes off and did not interfere. I previously observed that he does not want to use his hands to take his shoes off and prefers to try and push or pull his feet out of his shoes using his feet only. Today this is what happened.

Collage - taking off shoes

I have to exercise a lot of patience to sit back and not try to help Joshua unless required or asked. He took off his shoe and put it back on the shoe rack as I had requested. Putting on and taking off shoes takes a lot of practice and Joshua is better at taking things off than putting them on at the moment. When putting them on he tries pushing his feet in without taking the straps off, I am not sure if he is doing that as he sees us put on our strapless sandals that way or if he is trying to find the path of least resistance. We will continue to encourage him to do things for himself and perfecting taking things off and then putting things on will be the next step.


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