Activity of the Day – Moon Dough

I’ve been curious to try out a few activities that look like fun. I saw a lovely post here on making your own Moon Dough and decided to give it a go.

Moon Dough


  • 8 cups of white flour
  • 1 cup of baby oil


  • Add the flour to your bowl.
  • Add the oil to the flour.
  • Mix up using a whisk until the clumps are minimal and the mixture is light and fluffy.

You can make this edible and baby safe by using vegetable oil instead.

20140118_10081420140118_100842 20140118_100851 20140118_100913

I got out some of the outdoor sand equipment we have – bucket, spade, rabbit mould and sifter and made these available to Joshua to use. You can also make small cups, spoons and cookie cutters available nearby but I think it is helpful for your child to experience the texture of the moon dough first before putting tools in so I didn’t put them straight in the bucket.

I consider this to be a sensory exercise and a good one as it is easily made from common household items. We do not have sand or a sand pit at home so this is  good substitute. Joshua really enjoyed digging through it and experiencing the texture of the dough which is light and fluffy. Lots of fun and it was a success as Joshua was occupied for 45 minutes with this and went back to it after lunch.


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