Activity of the Day – Cherry Pitter

I love searching for and finding little kitchen gadgets that help Joshua with his independence. They’re also just plain fun to use. I was searching for a cherry pitter as Joshua has been eating cherries recently. As they have a pip in them I have to remove them before he eats them by cutting them out for him as they pose a safety risk.

20140103_132617 20140103_132628 20140103_132645 20140103_132657

This exercises strength in Joshua’s arms to pit the cherry as well as fine motor skills (putting cherry into place and removing it once pitted). Cherry pitters (of some description, not necessarily this one) are also available at kitchen and house shops such as House and The General Trader and on Amazon.

We are so lucky at this time of the year to have so many fresh fruits available. Fruit this year has been particularly good as the local weather has been great, Joshua even pitted a few to share. I foresee many happy hours of cherry pitting in the near future.


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