Activity of the Day – Puzzles

I recently got out some jigsaw puzzles for my friend’s son who is 4.5 years old. When Joshua saw this he was immediately interested – he is always drawn to what older children are working on. He has not shown interest in puzzles for a while, not even knobbed ones so I had put these away. Having worked previously on 2 piece puzzles without knobs successfully I decided to provide jigsaw puzzles with more pieces to help Joshua develop his jigsaw puzzle abilities. I found these which are fabulous as they have 2, 4 and 6 piece puzzles (if overseas from here) and this one which is a wooden board puzzle and fits nicely into its own tray and is 5 pieces (if overseas I found a similar car puzzle here).

Let’s try 2 pieces Joshua.



Too easy. I knew Joshua would be able to do this as we have already done 2 piece puzzles before. Let’s try 4 pieces.
20140214_092200 20140214_092250

With some prompting and encouragement, Joshua did this one reasonably easily. Fitting puzzle pieces with more than one side to fit is slightly challenging, as well as matching the picture too. Easy hey? Let’s try 5 pieces.

20140217_145015 20140217_145027 20140217_145145 20140217_145235

We practiced this a few times before moving onto 6 pieces.

20140214_185111 20140214_185149 20140214_185234 20140214_185256 20140214_185316 20140214_185327

This one was trickier still and needed a bit of encouragement and help but Joshua completed 2 6 piece puzzles successfully. These are generating interest so I think they will remain on the shelf for a little while and I will be looking for intermediate puzzles of 8, 12 and 20 pieces to increase the challenge once Joshua is ready. The next step is to have him pick them out of a basket all jumbled up and to sort them out himself to make into the different puzzles. Joshua still gets frustrated easily if he cannot get the solution immediately so these are teaching him logic and patience and well as improving fine motor skills.


3 thoughts on “Activity of the Day – Puzzles

  1. My son loves puzzles so we have quite a collection. I think if might be time to brush of the old ones to see if my twin daughter’s are interested. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you.

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