Activity of the Day – Sunday Art Time

We try to keep weekends relatively free but inevitably time gets taken up with catching up with friends and family and other things that need doing. Still, I like for Joshua’s Daddy to see a little of what Joshua is doing and for them to have a chance to try things together. Today was a relaxing day for us after a hectic week. I did a quick set up from a few items I had from around the art area and stood back to watch.

Drawing with crayons.

20140228_120200Making dots and marks.

20140302_103144 20140302_103532 20140302_103944Hole punching and colouring in.

PhotoGrid_1393751612512Coin impressions/rubbings.

20140302_105243 20140302_105355 20140302_105457 20140302_105544I really enjoyed using crayons to do coin rubbings, I remember doing this when I was young. Art can come from all sorts of places, this might work even better with pencils/charcoal with tracing paper but we made do with what we had around the house.


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