Work Spaces – Unit Block storage

Joshua has a shelf which holds his unit blocks which we previously talked about here and here. I have considered many options to try and store these and this has been the best option by far. The shelves are open, inviting and allow Joshua to access these when he pleases and when the blocks are put away they are orderly. The only problem with this set up is that Joshua needs to know how to put all the blocks back at the end of the day. I have been demonstrating where he should put them back but mostly so far the pack up stage has been long and laboured as he does not remember where everything needs to go. Inspired by this post I decided to try the building block environment tips. This also made me look at the way I had the blocks organised and I realised that the way I had them organised needed some changes.

As I had invested in the shelving already – and this is a home set up so I am not prepared to change this again – I had to review my current storage and be a little inventive how I would store these.

I was unable to find red opaque contact so I purchased some Red Poster Board from our local Officeworks (for those in Australia, for those overseas it is the local office supplies shop). I traced the shapes of each block with a pencil and cut these out and stuck it down with double sided tape onto the shelf.


The bottom shelf needed the most thought. This stores the largest blocks in the set which include:
Back wall from left to right:

  • Gothic arch and door
  • Cross road

Shelf from left to right:

  • Side road (bottom left on shelf)
  • Switch
  • Circle curve
  • 1/2 circle curve
  • Ramp
  • Double triangle



Ideally my shelving would be a little deeper than what I have however given this is our home set up I feel pretty happy with the results. Deeper shelving would be nicer but would be more costly and would require more space which we don’t have where we are so I felt that the shelves we have are a good compromise to getting a lovely work space. Joshua is good at matching shapes and shadows so this is a fun exercise to clean up the work area while practicing this.

If I had to rethink my shelves or were looking at new shelves I would love to get deeper shelves like this (if overseas) or this (in Australia, look at storage unit F24 on page 90-91 on the page counter).


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