Activity of the Day – Softest Play Dough

I admit that lately I have been on the lookout for the best play dough recipes. As far as Joshua is concerned there is not enough play dough in the world to satisfy his need to press and kneading and squish.

I found this lovely no cook softest play dough ever recipe and decided to give it a go.

Soft dough recipe:

1 part hair conditioner
2 parts corn flour
(Colour if desired)

Mix together, that’s it! You might need to adjust the amount of hair conditioner required to suit the mix depending on what conditioner you are using.

20140215_150510 20140215_150701 20140215_15070520140215_150715 20140215_150748 20140215_150845 20140215_150902

This is seriously soft, smells wonderful and keeps really well in a snap lock bag. We experimented with bits of glitter and cutting tools and rolling which was wonderful. The bonus is that after mixing this up and playing with it my hands felt super soft and smelled awesome!

This is a great activity for fine and gross motor skills as well as the feel and smell being a wonderful sensory experience.

Please note that this is not edible and therefore not for children that are still putting things in their mouths.


3 thoughts on “Activity of the Day – Softest Play Dough

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