Easter Activity Inspiration

I am really excited about Easter this year. Mostly because we are going away together as a family (yay!) but also because it is a time of the year that we get to spend quietly together and Joshua is a little older so he can appreciate a little more about what we do at Easter. We have been doing a few things over Easter and to us it is important to show that Easter isn’t just about chocolate Easter eggs (even though they are a lovely treat!) but is also a time of rest and renewal. I don’t usually post “themed” activities but here are a few things we have been doing to celebrate and introduce the idea of Easter. Stamping – I picked up some cheap Easter stamps from The Reject Shop (in Australia this is a $2 shop). These have been made into Easter cards for family. 20140406_105243 20140406_085542 20140406_085430 20140406_085324 20140406_084959 20140406_085114Pasting – I cut out some Easter pictures from junk mail fliers we received in the mail and Joshua pasted and stuck these onto paper. Instant Easter cards! And yes, there is a pine cone stuck on the paper. Joshua left the table and found this pine cone and declared “pine cone” and stuck it onto the page. 20140407_132533 20140407_132343 20140407_132421Some light Easter reading – we have been reading Spot’s First Easter. Joshua loves the Spot series of books and while this isn’t Joshua’s first Easter it is still a nice book to read as it shows Spot doing an Easter egg hunt.

20140408_150633We have been preparing a small basket for Joshua – as part of the basket I prepared an activity of growing some grass – new life – as a small project so that Joshua can see something grow from seed to become a plant. I think this is very important to show toddlers so that they can understand that things come from these beginnings and thus we can show the life cycle of plants more clearly.

20140407_161322 20140407_161450 20140407_161509 20140407_16151120140407_161707 20140407_162041 20140407_162116

We did some pasting of cellophane onto Easter egg shaped paper, nice, bright and colourful. I had some inspiration from this post but we decided to use some cellophane instead as this is what I had on hand.

20140409_113359 20140409_113520

20140409_112854 20140409_114337

And preparing an Easter basket ready for Joshua for Easter. We have also prepared a little something for his godsister.


We included some play dough made up into the shape of carrots, put into snap lock bags and tied with green pipe cleaner (inspiration received from here). I popped a little Easter chicken and a small ornamental egg into the grass we grew and lined the basket with autumn leaves we collected and a few small pine cones. To round off the basket I popped in a few coloured eggs with some little surprises inside for the kids to open and discover.

There are so many Easter ideas to explore, we really loved spending our time together preparing things for loved ones. It is such a pleasure seeing Joshua getting involved in festivities throughout the year, I hope you get a little inspiration from our Easter doings.


3 thoughts on “Easter Activity Inspiration

  1. So many lovely ideas, Irene. It looks like you’ve both been having a lot of fun this week! I love the playdough carrot idea — I’ve seen similar things with jellybeans forming the shape of the carrot, and to me that seemed so wrong! “Here, have some candy in the shape of something healthier.”
    Also, what kind of grass seed did you use for that project? How long did it take to sprout like that (wondering if I have time to squeeze it in this week).

    • Hi Meghan. On days of good sunshine the seeds grow immediately so a few days is usually enough. I used leftover lawn garden seed we had on hand in the garage. We’ve had so much fun, it’s such a beautiful way to celebrate Easter!

  2. It looks like you all had a lot of fun! I hope your time away was fun and restorative. We went on a little getaway, too, and it was just what we needed! 🙂

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