Me Do It – Updated Clothes Cupboard Work Space

Since the start of the year we have been working hard to get some things done around the house. This includes updating many of the work spaces so that Joshua can access things much more easily. The leap from baby to toddler has required ongoing adjustments as needs arise so it has been somewhat of a challenge to keep an eye on the work area as well as sleep and self care areas to ensure that they still meet Joshua’s needs. We had been coping with his bedroom cupboard which has not been very satisfactory as Joshua could not reach many things so a great deal of reorganisation has been required since late last year.

After searching and getting inspiration from other sources online, the main change we decided to install a lower hanging rail so that Joshua can access things like jumpers, jackets and coats. We installed this rail – all you need is a hand drill and some screws.


You can see how high the rail is for adult clothing. It is no wonder children must feel like they live in a world full of giants.

As time has gone on I have adjusted the space to include some space for underwear, socks, tops, pants and singlets so it now looks like this.

20140707_101608As you can see it is all at a height that is accessible for Joshua. These are simple little plastic shelves from the $2 shop. The hangers to hang his jackets are easy to reach. On the left we have his pajamas. On the right from top to bottom:

  1. Underwear, singlets, accessories (hats, gloves, socks)
  2. Shirts – t-shirts, long sleeve shirts
  3. Pants – trousers on the left, tracksuit pants on the right.

Items such as shoes are still kept on the shoe rack next to the back door which is where we exit to go to the car. It still makes sense to keep those near the door as that is when they are going to be used. Joshua has a little cube chair nearby that he uses when he is ready to dress himself in the morning. We are currently working on putting on socks, these are still tricky for him to put on independently.

The other side of the wardrobe was a bit more challenging. We decided to make this into the side that stores all his bedding.


We currently have these drawers in our house fitted into the cupboard. I dislike having drawers out taking up space outside the inbuilt closet and this arrangement seems to work well for us – not to mention being accessible to Joshua as he has able to open and close these drawers easily. We also have built in robes so it makes sense to try and make use of the space that is available. This has his waterproof sheets, pillow covers, doona covers and fitted sheets. Joshua is also able to reach these – except for the waterproof sheets.

All in all I feel that this arrangement is far more satisfactory than the old one. Do you have pictures of your clothing storage spaces? I would love to see them.


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