Unit Blocks Round Up

Since I started blogging the question I am asked the most is “where did you get those unit blocks?” So here is my round up of unit blocks that I think that would be a wonderful addition to any unit block area in a home.

20141010_Joshua and Unit Blocks

  1. Carolina Pratt Home Starter Set
    These are absolutely gorgeous and my first choice. If you are willing to invest in Unit Blocks for your home I would thoroughly recommend these. They are strong, hand crafted and guaranteed to last a lifetime. This is a good place to start and Carolina Pratt offers upgrade unit block sets should you wish to boost the collection each year or specifically sells individual pieces so it is absolutely versatile and should nothing on their site suit you I am sure if you contacted Pepi he would be very happy to help make something to suit your needs. I wish I had seen these when I was looking to purchase. They are having a sale at the moment so if you hurry you can get in and request a great deal – they have asked what customers want, be sure to tell Pepi that I sent you.
  2. Unit Block Set – 56 Pieces
    Don’t be fooled by the 56 pieces. Two people can easily build and run out of usable blocks quite quickly in a 56 piece set. These are affordable and a worthy investment for the child that is interested in block building.
  3. Jumbo Blocks
  4. Plan Unit Blocks
    These are a booster to the first unit block set. Different shapes encourage road play.
  5. Community Play Things
    These are beautiful. Comes with a storage chest if you are able to splurge on this. I think it is very worth it.
  6. Preschool Equipment
    Australian made unit blocks. You can buy 195 or 390 pieces.
  7. Lakeshore Learning Best Buy Unit Blocks
  8. Barclay Blocks

Another question I am frequently asked is what is a good age to introduce unit blocks? We introduced unit blocks to Joshua when he was around 18 months old and as you can see he is a very enthusiastic builder at 2.5 years old. You can see my previous posts on Joshua’s block building here and here and here.

Do you have any recommendations for Unit Block suppliers? I found it really hard to find any when I was looking for Joshua’s. I think they are available in good quality toy shops but I hesitate to recommend those as I feel that quite a few local shops may not have the complete range and are quite overpriced given they don’t offer a good selection of unit blocks or are not as nice as I would like as I am reasonably picky about what materials I offer to Joshua.


2 thoughts on “Unit Blocks Round Up

  1. I noticed you didn’t have any commentary on Barclay. We have those, and my opinion – they are excellent quality….heavy, sanded smooth, and they offer a “seconds quality” type pricing on the ones with color abnormalities. That’s the set we chose, and they’re really beautiful. I prefer the ones with a darker wood grain streak now and then rather than all bland. Just my 2 cents on that brand! 🙂

    • Hi Aubrey I didn’t offer commentary on every brand. Thanks for the feedback. I have not got 1st hand experience with them, only pictures so that’s great you think they are lovely. I saw the seconds option, great to make it just a little more affordable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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