Me Do It – Updated Art Space

Art Area We put a lot of thought into Joshua’s art space. We wanted the space to be have the following characteristics:

  • Independent.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Uncluttered – rather than burrowing through a mountain of materials there should be activities on hand available.
  • Provide new experiences and make available favourite ones.
  • All materials for one activity to be available in one tray.
  • Able to be supervised easily.

Realistically in our living space there is only one area where we were able to set this up. We have not set up an outdoor play/art area as we do not have a verandah or an undercover area but it would be lovely to consider if we moved. Having art outside is a nice idea but against this is that I would not be able to supervise this easily. 2014_11_01_IMG_7589 2014_11_01_IMG_7590 I have made changes to this area since we first set it up. Firstly Joshua’s independence has blossomed in the last year so I find that having this area set up for him to use independently is a must have, otherwise he will come to me continuously to find something to do. With this set up he is able to pick and choose what he wants to work on. I observe his likes and interests and rotate the materials in this area accordingly, I tend to rotate the materials when I notice he has not touched them in a week or more. I have also allocated, on a permanent basis, a minimum of 2 spaces on his work shelf to art trays. He can select one of these and work with it at his table. I usually have clay or play dough available and one other thing which is a medium he has been enjoying or a new one. At the moment we have black card stock and some metallic markers out. I am tending to leave pencils or crayons on his table in a small wooden pencil tray with some paper so that Joshua can draw whenever he feels like it. Please feel free to share your spaces for art, I would love to see them.


2 thoughts on “Me Do It – Updated Art Space

  1. Beautiful space – and photos! Thank you so much for sharing! It has given me some good advice to follow and things to think about. I still have more questions for you! That’s an interesting idea to keep drawing supplies always at the table. Does he use a sketch book or paper? Is this also always available at the table? Where does he put his paper once he is finished drawing? Also, I love your idea of black paper and metallic markers. I’m not very creative with art ideas. Would you mind sharing some of the things you’ve put on his shelves since you started art with him? Or where you get your inspiration from? (book, blogs, pinterest boards?) Sorry, a lot of questions. I’m really just starting to offer my daughter art (crayons, playdoh, and soon her easel – if I can figure out the logistics!). Also, I really love your huge art piece on your walls. Such great inspiration! I was once told to put modern art out for a young child as they could relate to it.

    • Thanks Carrie. I work hard to put things out for Joshua that are interesting and that I think he might enjoy.
      Okay in answer to your questions…
      At the moment J uses paper. I’ve been considering investing in a sketch book for him to work on in his quiet time but at the moment different papers.
      I put these out on table so he can always have them. I find it is easier and better. I previously put them in a tray but found if I put them away that he would go and dig them out. Sometimes he just wants to draw.
      Once he has finished with a drawing he will place it aside and we sometimes talk about it. I will hang it up in his picture frame or hang from chalkboard side of art easel. He tells me if he wants me to hang it up or not lol.
      Things I’ve put on his shelves – I go to the art section and think up things actually! I will share dome of our trays with you if that would help.
      The painting on the wall was done by my husband. It is a Pollock inspired painting that has fascinated Joshua since he was little. My husband will be happy about your feedback!

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