Art trays

20141116_Art Trays Collage High quality1. Crayons on paper (US supplier here)
2. Pencils on paper (US supplier here)
3. Dot markers on paper
4. Rainbow pencil
5. Pasting cupcake patties and natural materials on paper
6. Hole punching natural shapes
7. White marker on poster card
8. Metallic marker on poster card
9. Cutting poster card with scissors
10. Animal stamps
11. Charcoal on paper
12. Water colours on water colour paper
13. Oil pastels on paper
14. Spring play dough with cutters and rollers
15. Markers on paper
16. Transferring coloured water with a pipette (and using pipette to drop onto water colour paper)
17. Air dry clay with tools
18. Stencil shapes with pencil
19. Small spray bottle with water colour paints (or water with dye) on water colour paper
20. Bug rubbing plates and crayons

I was recently asked to do a post on what art trays we put out for Joshua. There are so many activities available to him now that we have a full supply of art materials on hand. We have made sure that all the materials available are good quality and beautiful to use.

We are experimenting with a few activities at the moment, the different mediums is always interesting. I put watercolours away for a little bit as Joshua seemed more interested in drawing but an increased interest painting has meant that I have put this back into rotation. I do leave pencils and crayons out generally so that Joshua can practice drawing and “writing” when he feels like it and has the opportunity to work on his own things during our quiet afternoons. A few of these trays are more recent as Joshua is now colouring in things so I felt that things like the bug rubbing plates would encourage and develop this skill further.

The transferring of coloured water from one glass to another is not strictly an art activity however I have listed it as we are mixing colours which I think it is important to introduce given we have been working with quite a few mediums. We have also done an activity where we have taken different colours and used the pipette to drop these onto paper in droplets, we liked the effect so much I hung it up above Joshua’s snack table to look at.

11 thoughts on “Art trays

  1. Wonderful! Love your variety of ideas! Do you model for him how to do it first? Do you find he is then independent or you need to show him many times? Also, at what age were these introduced? Thank you so much! I’m really enjoying your posts on art!

    • Hi Carrie, we started with crayons when Joshua was around 1 year old. Once he showed interest in using these and his grip improved a little I introduced pencils. From there we moved onto different markers – coloured, metallic etc – we did stamping when Joshua was around 19 months old which he loved and still does actually. I introduced play dough (which I have tended to have home made play dough rather than store bought simply because it is cheaper and much more interesting types of play dough I can make myself at home) around age 1 but Joshua was not a fan of it until he was closer to 2 so I kept offering it as an opportunity to explore despite the initial lack of interest in it. Joshua adores charcoal on paper and has always loved it since I introduced it to him just before 2. Pasting I introduced around 18-20 months from memory.
      Trays introduced after 2 were clay, stencils on paper, fine mist bottle, rubbing plates, cutting with scissors and watercolours. Each of these requires more dexterity and/or strength so I reserved these for more recently. Hope this helps.

  2. I love this post!! I have a 3.5 years old daughter and 2 years old boy. My daughter loves doing arts, she spends most of her time in the art’s corner at her Montessori nursery. It’s shame that stencil shapes are not available in the UK. The delivery cost from Australia is almost $30.

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