Puzzles at 33 months and our secondary shelf

We have a secondary shelf upstairs which Joshua works at before bath, in the mornings after getting up and waiting for me to shower or before going for a nap.  We found it necessary as we have upstairs and downstairs at our house and I found that Joshua enjoyed working nearby while I am busy.


I have tended to put materials on this secondary shelf that I do not have available downstairs. Puzzles are a good way to fill in some time and engage Joshua for a reasonable period of time in a small area that I have upstairs. I have reserved the bigger items such as art and blocks for downstairs. One of the puzzles is reasonably basic for Joshua but he loves shapes and geometry so this is there for him to work on. He has mastered the leaf and fire engine but the life cycle of a butterfly puzzle is proving to be challenging for him, the multiple layers are enough to keep him working hard.


I have also made available some items for counting – Joshua’s number book and the 1-5 discs stacking puzzle – as Joshua has shown interest in counting and letters (letter book) as well as some cars and tools and some Duplo.

Realistic Animal puzzles collage

1. Life Cycle of a Bee
2, Life Cycle of a Turtle

We have recently added two new puzzles to our collection of the life cycle of turtles and life cycle of bees. Joshua is particularly enjoying the turtle puzzle, he is very drawn to sea life and our recent visit to the aquarium and the zoo have been great experiences for him. These puzzles are beautiful and realistic layered photo puzzles, it makes me wonder why toy makers and manufacturers don’t make more of these for children instead of abstract or cartoonish type puzzles and toys. If you are overseas they are quite hard to find, this is a UK based company but I did find the website here, there are links to where these retail from overseas.

Do you have a secondary work area for your child? If you have any puzzle recommendations I would love to hear them.


3 thoughts on “Puzzles at 33 months and our secondary shelf

  1. I love the real photos of animals for puzzles! I can see why Joshua is attracted to it. We also have an upstairs shelf. It is in my daughter’s bedroom. We keep a few puzzles, books, and toys that she may find easier. I also have a couple of special toys in my bedroom for while I shower/get ready in the morning – although she usually just ends up playing with toiletries!

    • Hi Carrie
      I would love to see your upstairs shelves. That is funny I am finding that Joshua will now take a book for himself and plonk himself on my bed – or bring his books and puzzles and blocks too – and play there until I am finished. 🙂
      The real photos for the puzzles is fabulous. I can’t speak more highly of these puzzles, they are absolutely gorgeous and so attractive. We had a playdate today and Joshua’s godbrother loved the puzzles too.

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