Welcome to our blog, Montessori Life As We Know It.

My name is Irene and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and 33 month old son Joshua. Joshua currently attends a Montessori Early Learners once/twice a week. We have been incorporating the philosophies of Maria Montessori as much as possible, mixed with gentle parenting philosophies since Joshua was 6 months old. I aim to capture as much as I can of our journey so far and discuss both Montessori and parenting issues as they arise and hope that my posts can be of some use and inspiration to other families out there. I decided to start this blog as we are the only Montessori family that we know of that are embracing Montessori as not only an educational pedagogy but as a way of life and we found it very difficult to find any resources or support locally. I hope that our blog can help you a little (or a lot) with your own parenting journey.





201201006_Joshua on couch

Please feel free to contact me through this page or via email montessorilifeasweknowit@gmail.com


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  2. This is a great site! My 2.5 year old daughter started at montessori playgroup last year and will be starting 2 days a week at montessori preschool next week! I love all of your activities ideas. I have a 5 week old baby so the tricky thing is getting the house set up to be a montessori environment while keeping it safe for the baby.

    • I am so glad that you are finding some inspiration on my blog. It is tricky setting up spaces for 2 children of different ages but with some careful planning and preparation I am sure you can do it. I would say that think about any changes you will make prior to making them as that reduces frustration. Choose a lovely space to work in – if possible, lots of light, space and beautiful materials to work with – and the work will flow. We have a lovely open space in our living area that Joshua uses as his work space where I can supervise what he is doing and he is also free to move and choose his own work. Good luck with the setup and please let me know how you go!

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